Which Bottled Water Has No Fluoride or Chlorine? - An Expert's Guide

Aquafina and Ozarka are two of the most popular bottled water brands that are renowned for their rigorous filtration process and the absence of detectable compounds in the final product. This makes them ideal choices for those seeking bottled water without fluoride, chloride, and sulfate. Ozarka obtains natural spring water from springs that originate in East Texas, and no longer sells fluoridated water. Ice Mountain is another brand of bottled water that does not contain fluoride, as only natural minerals are present in the water.

Smartwater is processed through distillation to remove contaminants from the water, including fluoride. Water sold in generators in supermarkets is often distilled or purified in other ways and contains no chlorine, fluoride, minerals, or bacterial contaminants. Icelandic Glacial brings the best of Iceland to your doorstep, with natural spring water bottled directly from the Ölfus spring in southwestern Iceland. Well water is usually rich in minerals, which can be beneficial for aquatic kefir, as long as the mineral content isn't too high.

The regulations require that bottled water manufacturers who sell their products in the U. S. must keep levels of fluoride within a certain amount. So if you're looking for a safe and healthy option for drinking water without any added chemicals or minerals like chlorine or fluoride, then Aquafina and Ozarka are two excellent choices.