Which Bottled Water Has the Least Fluoride?

My Own Water offers a range of water bottles, from natural spring water to alkaline water. Evian is renowned for its spring water, which originates from the French Alps. Aquafina, Nestlé Pure Life and Niagra are bottled water brands that do not contain fluoride. Generally, filtered or distilled water is a great choice for customers looking for fluoride-free bottled water, particularly since most local water is highly fluoridated.

If you're looking for a fluoride-free drinking experience, there are plenty of bottled water options available. Essential water does not contain fluoride or chloride. Penta Water is bottled from a natural aquifer in California, but it is classified as purified water because the company uses a patented 13-step process to filter the water. Bottled water is an excellent option for those seeking to avoid the elements that have been added to local drinking water or the specific minerals found naturally in most tap water.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) strictly regulates the amount of fluoride allowed in tap water, and you may want to opt for bottled water that doesn't contain fluoride. Alkalized water and hydrogenated water are common and often the drinking water of choice in most homes. Augusto Robles, DDS, MS, DMD and adjunct professor at the UAB School of Dentistry, conducted a study to evaluate pH levels and fluoride content in several brands of bottled water. This has sparked a debate about how beneficial fluoride actually is in local tap water and whether the advantages outweigh the potential risks.

Home filtration systems are not always consistent in what they filter, and an average household water filter jug won't remove fluoride. Other brands that you can also feel safe drinking with, although they weren't included in the Robles study, are Aqua Hydrate, Essentia, Icelandic and Real Water. Although the water doesn't come from a real glacier, it is bottled from a natural underground spring. Since fluoridated water is largely consumed in many forms in the United States alone, there is a need for further analysis of whether or not it may pose a health risk.

We research and review technical information on water treatment technologies and present it in an easy-to-understand way. This bottled water is also safe for cooking, brushing your teeth and gargling, making fluoride-free bottled water an ideal choice for the kitchen and bathroom for dental care. Fortunately, there are now a good number of bottled water brands available that offer safe, BPA-free beverages. This glacial water from Quebec naturally filters through rocks for more than 15 years, after which it is bottled at the source after undergoing UV disinfection.